Thea Baby Naturals



I was kindly sent these two Thea Baby Naturals products to review from Thea Skincare. I was extremely excited to receive these as the company has been awarded both a Gold and Bronze award by the Green Parent Magazine Beauty Awards. What’s even better about these products is that they are 100% paraben, sulphate and fragrance free.

Thea Baby Naturals Top to Toe Soothing Lotion  25ml (200ml RRP £8.95)

This product is a beautifully scented, nutrient-rich, hydrating baby moisturiser containing organic ingredients such as aloe juice, lavender and camomile.

What I find great about this product is that only a small amount is needed as it goes a long way, whilst testing this product out I massaged it into my babies skin which left a lovely lavender scent behind with super smooth skin eliminating any dry spots on your babies skin. Once the lotion is taken from the pot and warmed in hand the viscosity changes from a thick cream to a manageable oily substance.

I have found that hours later my babies skin remains soft and still has the scent of the lotion, overall I am extremely happy about this product and would definitely recommend it to other mums.



Thea Baby Naturals Organic Aloe & Rosehip Calming 2 in 1 Baby Wash 25ml (200ml RRP £8.95)

 This product aims to calm and soothe your baby with ingredients such as rosehip, jojoba oils and a mild blend of essential oils which is also able to double up as bubble bath.

Again with this product a small amount goes a long way which is fantastic for myself and my little girl as her bath is part of her bedtime routine so we go through bath products quite fast. When using the baby wash only a small amount is needed to cover her from head to toe leaving her little prune fingers and toes clean and fresh. The ingredients help calm and soothe her leaving her relaxed and sleepy for bedtime.

Again I am extremely pleased with this product and would recommend mums to give it a try. I would also recommend that you pick both of these products up as they compliment each other I guarantee that you will not want to put your baby down.



Have you tried this product? What do you think?

 Please click Thea’s logo underneath to head over to their store!




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